Tour de France (in London)

Since I’ve lost a day of writing to the cycling spectacular (childcare duties, owing to schools being closed due to the race passing through our area), I feel its only right that I get some mileage (ha ha!) out of it, by featuring my love of bikes in a blog quickie (and quickie it will be, since I am simultaneously trying to teach my 5yd old the dark art of loom bands and admiring my 3yr old’s drawing of a ‘dinorhinoroceros’…)

Just to say I am known in my town as the crazy lady who hoofs her children up and down the hills in a trailer attached to a knackered old mountain bike. But there is method in my madness. Bikes are brilliant. Inexpensive. Pollution-free. Keep you fit. And when it comes to the daily grind of the school run, there’s nothing like whizzing my kids through the park on a sunny morning, knowing I am beating the stress and idiocy of the car-snarled roads.

Needless to say, in few hours, I will be on the side-lines cheering the Tour and hoping, always hoping, that London will keep working towards becoming a cycle-friendly city.

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