Taking Cover from the Storm

A bit of a Rain in My Heart chat…since storm is definitely a’comin, a chance to plug a book that was born out of some epic rainy days and nights a few winters ago. I’m currently scheming up the cover (more soon), in preparation for September release.

I’m thrilled to be having total creative power (I think it helps that I’m a) as passionate about visual art as I am about writing and b) a total control freak!). I’m dreaming up a storm of dramatic rain scenes, lovers in downpours, moments upon a passionate kiss…think Athena poster circa 1988, but with nitro. No point describing a visual to y’all though. Soon enough, I’ll have the real thing to show you.

I hope.

Having desired to spend all of the August holiday (squeezed between kid stuff) on this project, I’m now having to juggle it in with some of my mainstream work. But hey it’s money. When an opportunity comes in, I can’t say no.

So fingers crossed the universe will decide to bless me with a magic bonus hour every day, which I will dedicate to Photoshop and reams of poorly lit photos taken in my shower (yes, I’m embarrassed to say, in an attempt to recreate rain – could be a disaster!)

Meanwhile, yuck. It’s just so muggy here (East London/Essex border), like a mass outdoor steam-room. I know that little lightening symbol on the Apple weather ap – it means trouble.

The calm before... RAIN IN MY HEART 14.09.14

The calm before…

But I do love a storm. It’s my nature šŸ˜‰

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