ARGH! Ever had that feeling life is running out of control?

I had the school summer holiday mapped out. A perfect balance of early morning promo work on the upcoming release of Rain in my Heart, plus the completion of one of my ‘ghosted’ children’s books, blended with a carousel of day-trips, play-dates and other child-related activities.

Then I agree (why can’t I ever say no?) to also squeeze in a 50k memoir.

And when I think about it a little longer, I realise the maths doesn’t work. Thus, I have spent the last few hours squeezing and nudging and teasing those little coloured ‘events’ on my ICalender trying to work out how can fit so many words into so few hours and still feel like I’m a being a committed parent. It’s not looking good.

But it’s work and it’s what I love.

Sighs. Pummels her brow.

Stressed-image-from-honestholly.com_See you in the Autumn 😉

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