How To Master Time…And Other Writing Obstacles

Yes, I’ve been away.

Feels like I’ve come back from the dead. And I pretty much literally have. (More on that another time…)

In short, I am now recovering from a life-threatening pregnancy complication. All is good and I’m thrilled to be back at my laptop and back in the world of books books books…but, oh, oops, I’ve gained a tiny but perfect premature baby along the way!

So far, he sleeps, sleeps, feeds, poops, then sleeps some more, which is very conducive to blogging and resuming promotion of RAIN IN MY HEART, which, for those of you who are new to my work, is my latest YA thriller romance. But I know babies and I know that as soon as the prodigal son hits his due date and beyond, this is all set to change. The luxury of time will become the race for time. Half finished blog entries and one word tweets… I’m thinking ‘HELP’ or ‘BABYTAKEOVER’

So currently I’m nurturing a theory that it’s all about hours. One hour a day to work on new words for the new novel. One hour a day to edit said words. And one hour a day to toy around with social media. Everything else will be a blur of nappies, cuddles and milky lips. Exactly where I’ll find these magic hours is yet to be seen, but here’s a clue…I’m currently typing left-handed whilst I jiggle, soothe, wipe baby puke and breast-feed…oy vey…

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