The First Run of the Rest of My Life…

First run post-baby, a 20 minute plod that near destroyed me. My usual warm-up route felt like a mountain conquest. Um, fitness? Muscles? Where did you go? See from the pre and post pics, there is work to be done. Granted, I’m not massive, but I miss the feeling of zest and energy that goes with fitness, and clothes just don’t fit the way they used to. Frankly, I have neither the funds nor the inclination to invest in a bunch of loose smocks, so I’m on a mission to get back to running form. I’m not going to hurry it and I’m certainly not going to diet. I love food waaay too much! But rest assured, the distance queen is making a come back.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the temptation is even greater. Running has always been in my blood. Not just for the physical benefits but the mental ones too. Stressed? Fatigued? Stuck on a tricky plot line? Running sorts my head out. It provides clarity of thought and perfect peace, as well as that invaluable ‘ME’ time – more important than ever, now that I have three little lambs to herd…any advice on running buggies would be welcome!

Me, post-baby, looking not so...ahem...trim!

Me, post-baby, looking not so…ahem…trim!

Me...last summer!

Me…last summer!

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