Bright lights. Fresh air…

For the first time in over five years, I am returning to the land of LIVING AUTHORS. Having spent said five years working as a ghost-writer, it’s now time for me to shake off the white sheet and start pitching myself as an author in my own right. And yes, to my horror, that means embracing the world of social media.

Feels like I’ve been safe for years. I’ve made a decent-ish ( – emphasis on the ‘ish’) living from ghosting and have sold plenty books, but all in the guise of a certain celebrity. Ghosting has both its benefits (sales!) and its drawbacks (no profile for me, miniscule royalties, and someone else taking the credit for my hard work). It has also taught me loads about the craft of writing, as well as the weird, occasionally wonderful and often frustrating world of traditional publishing. It’s been a blast of an opportunity. It’s given me a career. But now I’m growing up. I’m writing for me.

…Which means taking heed of several technology savvy friends (all aghast at my current lack of social media presence…I know, I know) and raising my profile and building a readership. It’s new and A BIT WEIRD and I’m in a tail-spin, wondering whether I’ve left it too late/can justifying following Harry Styles and Lucy from Made in Chelsea/can afford to devote sacred writing time to the addictive lure of the virtual world.
We’ll see. In the mean time, to my one, possibly two followers, any advice welcome…



I Blog, Therefore I Am

Hello world !

This is me.  I write about love, loss, betrayal, fake friends, dramas, bad hair days, uber-cliques, and social mazes…and then I give it some nitro.

High tension. Spooky stuff.  Death. Disasters. Danger.

My forthcoming novel, RAIN, will be released on 24th September 2014.

It’s about a girl called Kate who gets trapped in a flood and has to fight for her life…and her love. It’s got friendship, thrills, frights, twists, and romance.

Like The Breakfast Club, but with danger.

Look out for more info about me and my writing next time.

Laters !