A YA thriller romance, released on Kindle.


‘It didn’t look real. And because it didn’t look real, it didn’t look dangerous. Except, a torrent of water like that, I knew it had to be dangerous.’

There has to be a plus side to spending a Saturday afternoon in school. For Kate Archer, it’s the possibility that she might finally catch the eye of her latest crush, Leon Prentice. She’s counting on a guy like Leon to heal her broken heart.   One thing she definitely isn’t counting on is that the school and surrounding area are about to be declared a major disaster zone…

Six teenagers. One school. And a flood of epic proportions. Trapped in an art room with limited phone battery, no sign of rescue, and water levels constantly rising, Kate and her ‘friends’ face a dreadful dilemma: should they stay where they are or should they attempt to escape? Both options have their dangers, but what they’ve yet to realise is that the biggest danger they’ll have to face isn’t actually the flood.

It’s each other.

BUY IT NOW: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rain-In-Heart-Kara-Karnatzki-ebook/dp/B00SJS8B7O



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